What is discretionary portfolio management?

Discretionary portfolio management means that the Portfolio Manager (PM) doesn’t need the client’s consent before trading on their behalf. The PM manages every account as per what was defined in the investment policy statement by the client with the guidance of his Portfolio Manager.

How does Claret assist its clients during tax season?

At Claret, we take care of gathering all the tax documents received from the custodian and send our clients a complete package in one mailing. If requested, we can send these documents directly to the client’s accountant. Claret also has statements that are developed specifically for accountants.

As a Claret client, where exactly are my assets being held?

Client securities are held directly with a large Canadian financial institution, which acts as an independent 3rd party custodian.

Can I become a Claret client if my total investment portfolio is worth less than $500,000?

Depending on the client’s circumstances and objectives, a PM could accept client portfolios with a value less than $500,000.

You write that the interests of your clients are directly aligned with the interests of the firm. What do you mean by that comment?

Claret does not earn fees from trading (commissions), instead, we charge a fixed management fee which represents a percentage of the value of each account. This way, there is no possible confusion as to how much you pay and we earn. As a client, you are generally looking for your portfolio to grow in value. As your portfolio increases in size, our remuneration increases accordingly. Therefore, our interests are aligned.