Once I have deposited cash in my investment account, does Claret immediately invest all available funds or do you keep a certain portion of cash at all times?

For every new client, we will take the time necessary to invest or rebalance the portfolio. We do not create opportunities, we only attempt to identify them.

I am a business owner. Can I open a corporate account with Claret?

Yes. We offer every type of investment account available to business owners, including corporate accounts and individual pension plans (IPP).


Who exactly owns Claret?

Claret is 100% independent and is jointly owned by 3 associates who are also active in the company, as Portfolio Managers: Mr. William K. Kovalchuk, Mr. Alain Chung and Mr. Jean-Paul Giacometti. All 3 associates are CFA charterholders.

Can I invest with Claret through my brokerage firm/investment advisor?

No. If a client is interested in working with Claret, he must deal directly with Claret. In doing so, we avoid intermediaries, the client has lower expenses and therefore a better outcome.


If I need cash transferred from my investment account to my bank account, how long will it take?

If the cash is available in the investment account, the funds can generally be transferred within one business day. However, if we need to sell certain investments to generate the necessary cash, the transfer will take at least 3 business days.

How much does an independent third party custodian charge for their services?

For most Canadian clients, the fees are currently included in Claret’s annual management fee.

Do I have access to my account at all times?

Of course. Every client can access their accounts online, on the custodian’s (bank) online portal. As well, every client receives a monthly statement directly from the custodian and a detailed quarterly statement from Claret.